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  Luo fu anti-blast electrical machinery plant located in wild goose swing mountain range bank of the Oujiang River , with beautiful environment, north town of Yongjia Ou propitious for giving birth to great men. Through the river is desired , three modish bridges link to each other with Wenzhou,

the traffic is very convenient! Twin towers the the honest , sunshine main road as jade belt around merging national road,by stand in great numbers river high building not European, in order , it is very unique to match in the green tree flowering shrubs in overall arrangements of Lin Yin , fountain. The night scene makes people charmed. Working condition of the round type of the flower. Factory director Yu XinChun Mr. welcome guests from all directions patronize!
  The anti-blast electrical machinery products that our factory produces are through the national anti-blast products quality supervision and inspection center check qualified. The products have anti-blast serial number of certificate of quality as CNEX02.1188-CNEX02.1203, the products accord with WTO economic integration request.
  The beauty of small and medium-sized enterprises, what counts is that keeps forging ahead ! Make great efforts to meet user's actual change demand for the products , the pool , optimization design, follow GB18613-2002 , the energy consumption limit that the efficiency limit of the electrical machinery and energy-conserving evaluation criterion stipulate , high-quality high-quality environmental protection is the pursuit of our factory, the factory is well-equipped, the craft is advanced, technical force abundant, overall , modest to receive every head of house while being wide while being diligent to test equipment, guarantee the quality of the products. National industrial products licence symbol first Entrance XK06-121-00113 second Entrance XK06-121-00114. Cultivate in more than ten years, thank each side for supporting, the trust of departments , such as coal , petroleum , chemical industry , medicine , grain ,etc. deeply of the products. Beginning of spring products obtain national colliery Supervisory Bureau safety sign certificate is it contain 47 specification electrical machineries for 20040818-20040825 8 machine seat number to number this year, our company promise service aim on " quality first , , consumers first ", manager Zhu pendant China welcome old and new customers come over wholeheartedly, common development!
  YB2 series are cold type cage type three different step motors of explosion-proof of mouse of fan of since spin-off and totally closed Y series and YB series, it is the explosion-proof electrification research institute of Nanyang of our country that designs the anti-blast electrical machinery and unifies the series newly.
  Serial electrical machinery this have energy-efficient, difference in temperature abundant degree heavy longe-lived of good performance, noise low, vibration little, is it produce structure advanced person , dependability high to separate. Power grade install size accord with IEC and DIN42673 standard, use maintaining the advantage such as being convenient.
  Accord with national standard GB3836.2-2000 " explosive gas environment spend electric equipment " by serial electrical machinery this and IEC60079-1: 1990 regulation, the regulation according with BS4683 , DIN.EN50014-5002 and VDEC170/0171 too makes into and separates the exploding type, suitable for the long-term or have places where explosive gas and mixture exist temporarily.
  Serial motor host computer outer cover this protect the grade as IP44 or IP55. Wiring is it belong to regulation of GB1498-79 for IP55 to shut, accord with the demands for IEC34-51P standard and BS4999 and DIN4050 too.
  This serial motors cooling way is IC411 (GB/T1993 ) according to the regulation of IEC34-6 and BS4999
  YB , YB2 series pattern , basic parameter
  There are the variety of electrical machinery that our factory produceses
1.Y2 series motor.
2.YB2 series separate the explosion type motor.
3.YBSO series separate the explosion fractional electric motor.
4.YBD series separate person who produce change speed the electrical machinery.
5.YD series separate person who produce change speed the electrical machinery.
6.The YBF series air blower is by separating and producing three different step motors.
7.YBDC series separate the asynchronous motor of explosion.
8.YBQB, YBQB-W series pipeline pump are by separating the producing type electrical machinery.


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